Sponsorship is a one-on-one mentorship where one OA member helps another through their difficulties, and is a vital part of recovery for both the sponsor and the “sponsee”. You can’t maintain your recovery without the help of another who has gone through it themselves, and you can’t maintain your recovery without helping a fellow sufferer to get what you have.

“I need a sponsor”

A sponsor can explain the OA program, help you get back on track, and be a source of support and fellowship for you.

The Men’s Google Group maintains a sponsor list and can help you find one.

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“I want to sponsor”

There are only a few men in OA, and even fewer male sponsors. Men need the option to have another male sponsor, so this is very important service. If you are an abstinent man in OA, consider learning more about becoming a sponsor, by listening to a recently recorded sponsorship workshop, presented specifically for men in OA.

Listen to a recording of the OA Men’s Sponsorship Workshop.

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A Sponsor’s Toolbox (pdf)