There are 6,500+ meetings in over 80 countries, but only a few have a special focus for men. Click a meeting type below to see each list!

MIGOA-Affiliated Meetings

▸ Face-to-Face Meetings – “Special Focus: Men”

▸ Phone Meetings – “Special Focus: Men”

▸ Online Meetings – “Special Focus: Men” (including Zoom meetings)

Scroll down on the page to see all the meetings, or use the filters at the top to narrow the list to those most relevant to you.

There is a new OA Meeting type called “Non-Real-Time Meetings”. There are meetings of this type with a special focus for men, however the meeting list does not use the search tool that the other meeting types use, so we can not link directly them. Instead, Visit the Non-Real-Time Meetings page, click the “Meeting List” button, then look in the “Special Focus” column for “Men”.