OA’s Responsibility Pledge states: “Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.”

Help spread the word about OAmen.org, so every man in OA knows about their options for sharing in a way they are most comfortable.

Announce in your meetings!

At the announcement segment of your meetings (not just men’s meetings!) please tell people to visit OAMen.org. Here is a suggested announcement text:

“The World Service Survey done in 2010 revealed only about 13% of our fellowship consisted of men! Men in OA are invited to visit OAMen.org to see all the OA resources for men in program, and to learn how to connect with other men in OA, including in-person meetings, phone meetings, email discussion groups, and phone lists. That’s OAMen.org. Please spread the word!”

Please also consider including this announcement in your meeting format, read at every meeting (not just men’s meetings!)

Distribute the Flyer!

Please print or xerox copies of the OA Resources for Men flyer, and keep a supply at every meeting (not just men’s meetings!)

This flyer contains most of the information on this website, in print form. Due to the number of in-person meetings, only those men’s meetings in a limited area can be listed on each flyer.

Want to modify this for meetings in your area? Just download the file and edit in Microsoft Word! Contact Us if you need help or advice. Please send us your modified versions so we can share them on this page too.

Distribute the Business Card.

Consider printing OAMen.org business cards. Keep them on you to give out to any man you meet in program!

Business Card designs and instructions coming soon. Contact Us if you or your group is especially keen to have this tool available.